Our Focus

Corporate Strategy

NSE will continue to add value to the exploration portfolio it has assembled over the past 15 years whilst ensuring risk is reduced where possible via corporate activity to farm-out work commitments to share or elliminate the burden of exploration expenditure. Additional projects will continue to be assessed where NSE sees an opportunity based on pricing, structure of the transaction or more importantly, as a result of the in-house technical expertise of its technical team.


In the short term NSE is focused on the following:

1. Canning Basin progression

  • revisiting Lawford 1 for completion in 2010
  • progressing studies on conventional and unconventional hydrocarbon potential across EP’s 443, 450, 451 and 456 assisting Buru to farm-out the Acacia Fairway play

2. Colorado County progression

  • commence drilling in December 2009
  • undertake a comprehensive drilling campaign to test Yegua & Wilcox prospects of interest

NSE is also focused on reviewing and assessing additional projects that can provide good upside for shareholders. These projects will include unconventional potential in onshore Australia, small production assets with exploration upside and other opportunities that fit our focus and criteria in the USA.